Dandy Heat

Dandy Heat is an indie rock band formed in McAllen, Texas.



Dandypalooza 2019

img_9305Live music, karaoke, White Claws, & cubanos, these four things were the essence of this year’s Dandypalooza 2019. Dandypalooza started in 2018 as a way for us (Dandy Heat) to get our friends together and throw a small show and cook.


Last year at Dandypalooza 2018 there was the American classic, burgers w/ fries and the not so American classic elotes & vegan street tacos. Last years line up included Slow Attack , Dandy Heat, & a Strokes cover band Last Fright. We really enjoyed Dandypalooza 2018 but wanted to build upon what we had put together.


This year at Dandypalooza we decided to switch up the menu a bit and cook up some Cubanos. The Cubano is a seductively moist mix of brined & marinated pork shoulder, ham, mustard, dill pickles, and swiss cheese in between two crisp, light and airy bakery rolls. Then the top and bottom of the rolls are buttered with ingredients in tow and they’re pressed together in a plancha to create a mouthwatering Cuban style sandwich. While the Cubano was the star of the show there was also home-baked, cookies, vegan pizza, and an excess of alcohol available.


Dandypalooza 2019 brought the brilliant addition of karaoke, which gave attendees the opportunity to showcase their vocal skills in-between band sets.

This year’s Dandypalooza band lineup included Scumdogs, Super, & Dandy Heat. We also decided to preserve and record the band’s sets. Dandy Heat’s set will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music and other music streaming services some point in the future.

Photos by: Byanka Salce Alanis

Hike Retreat

New Single

Hello, everyone

We’re happy to announce that Nights at the Island is now on Spotify! We also went ahead and released Growing Pains/I Hate You (Demo) so have a listen!


Our new album, Sentimental Beast, will see the light of day sometime this year.

Dandy Heat

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