Dandy Heat’s formation was a process so slow that it took two years after their first album was made for the band to start playing live shows. The band began in late 2010, when main members, Joseph Macias and Osmar Alanis, were part of South Texas-based band, Jungle Bodies. The two members would occasionally arrive to Jungle Bodies’ practice sessions early and record songs of their own. After several months of doing this, a collection of over 10 songs were made.

The two musicians complied their best material and released Nights at the Island, a full-length album of songs that flirted with surf rock, pop and southern rock. As Jungle Bodies’ role in the South Texas music scene continued to grow, Dandy Heat took the back seat. It wasn’t until 2012 that the band was given the opportunity to play its first show after Nights at the Island caught the attention of several. The band’s development continues to have a slow pace and, although another album remains to be made, songs such as Growing Pains and Toxic Dreaming have been released following Nights at the Island. Dandy Heat is currently working on material for their second full-length album entitled Sentimental Beast, set to be released in 2016.